Welcome to the Flightwood WikiEdit

This is a wiki for my Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder campaign, a quest for the Flightwood Relics through the world of Aarde.

What Is Flightwood?Edit

The Flightwood Relics are a collection of mystic items of unknowable origin. Each relic exhibits a strange magical property, but also posesses a magical signature fundamentally different from any known enchantments.

Where to Start?Edit

An Introduction by Amserhame Sagateem, chief historian of the Sancta Toren.

The World Edit

Aarde: The World of the game

Pantheon: The Gods of Aarde

Orlea: The continent where most of the action takes place

Erimmar: The chief province of the adventure

Kaverdale: The headquarter city of Group 3.

The Dancing Stone: A shop located in the Bazaar of Kaverdale.

Planes: Realms of existence other than our own.

People and Creatures Edit

Races: The races that inhabit the world of Aarde.

Legends: Myths and history known to many inhabitants of Aarde.

Monsters: The monsters that have been identified in the world.

People: Noted Individuals

Players The characters wrecking exploring the world.

Objects of Interest Edit

Flightwood Relics: Items of great interest to many in the world of Aarde

Artifacts: Items famous because of connections to history, religion, or magic.

Gadgets: Inventions found only in Orlea.

Mysteries of Orlea : the secrets of Orlea as told by Bastion Shadeleaf

History Edit

Timeline: A list of basic milestones.

Battles: Major battles throughout history

Events: Momentous occasions that shaped the world

Legal DisclaimerEdit

This wiki exists only to supplement a personal tabletop roleplaying game setting and story. There are some pictures which have been borrowed from other artists, and as such I do not claim ownership over any of them, and as I am making no profit from this wiki, the use of these pictures falls under fair use. If any artist wishes for me to take down any work being represented here, please let me know.

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